Amstel Light (Netherlands) Light body, sweet flavor with malty accents and a dry finish.
Corona Extra (Mexico) Pale lager. Medium body, slight bitterness with a dry finish.
Baltika #9 (Russia) 16.9oz Strong pale lager. Medium body, sweet w/ mild spiciness.
Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager (VA) Very smooth, medium body with a crisp nutty and malty flavor.
Blue Mountain Classic Lager (VA) Medium body, moderate sweetness with a smooth finish.
Harp (Ireland) Pale lager. Light body, pronounced bitterness w/ a dry finish.
Brooklyn Lager (New York) Rich, perfectly balanced flavor with a dry delicious aftertaste.
Peroni Nastro Azzurro (Italy) Slightly sweet with subdued bitter and a long malty finish.
Heineken (Netherlands) Pale lager. Medium body, slight bitter maltiness, low hops.
Red Stripe (Jamaica) Pale lager. Medium body, sweet, slightly hoppy, bitter finish
Iron City (Pennsylvania) Pale lager. Medium sweetness, somewhat dry, bitter finish.
Session Black Lager (Oregon) Deep amber, malty somewhat hoppy taste w/ a tangy finish.
Paulaner Original Munich (Germany) Medium body with a smooth spicy sweetness, balanced malts
Session Premium Lager (Oregon) Medium body, semi-sweet, somewhat spicy w/ a hoppy finish.
Stella Artois (Belgium) Pale lager. Balanced, smooth sweet flavor w/ a hoppy finish.
Xingu (Brazil) Black beer. Medium body, hard roasted malts w/ a dry finish


Breckenridge Avalanche (CO) Amber ale. Moderately sweet, medium body, and a dry finish.
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog (NH) Brown ale. Medium body with a mild nutty caramel taste.
Old Speckled Hen (England) Pale red ale. Well balanced, medium body, sweet maltiness
Wychwood Hobgoblin (England) Dark English ale. Smooth flavor, full body with a sweet finish.
Smithwick’s (Ireland) Red ale. Medium dry, somewhat fruity with a roasted finish.


Allagash White (Maine) Abbey tripel. Sweet flavor with a rich, full body.
Victory Golden Monkey (PA) | Abbey tripel. Full body, somewhat sweet w/ a good hop finish.
Brother Thelonious (California) Strong ale. Medium body, semisweet with subdued bitterness.
Weyerbacher Merry Monks (PA) | Abbey tripel. Full body, malty fruitiness w/ subdued bitterness.


Baltika #7 (Russia) 16.9oz Medium body, sweet maltiness and discreet, hoppy finish.
Jever (Germany) Sweet malty flavor, some hoppiness with a sharp, bitter finish.
Bitburger Premium (Germany) Light body, balanced sweet and hoppy flavor, dry bitter finish.
Konig (Germany) Medium body, sweet, dry, and very hoppy flavor, dry finish.
Carlsberg (Denmark) Sweet taste with a slightly hoppy backbone, refreshing finish.
Kronenbourg 1664 (France) Medium body, moderate sweet flavor with bitter duration.


Breckenridge Vanilla Porter (CO Medium body, sweet malty flavor with vanilla accents.
Old Rasputin (California) Imperial stout. Smooth, somewhat sweet flavor, strong finish.
Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout (NC) Sweet flavor, medium body with light malt accents, dry finish.
Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout Smooth Stout with hints of Vanilla and smoky oak
Highland Black Mocha Stout (NC) Smooth, smoky taste w/ a medium body and chocolaty finish.


Abita Purple Haze (Louisiana) Fruit beer. Dry with a mild berry sweetness.
Magic Hat #9 (Vermont) Amber beer, with a smooth apricot finish
Allagash White (Maine) Witbier. Somewhat spicy citrus flavor with a full body.
Hofbrau Dunkel (Germany) Dunkel. Medium body, balanced bitterness with a dry finish.
Blue Moon (Colorado) Witbier. Sweet fruity and mild spice flavor, slightly dry finish.
Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Oregon) Maibock. Full body, sweet and malty flavor with a dry finish.
Tommyknocker Butt Head (COlorado) Doppelbock. Full body, slightly tart edge with a malty finish.


Blue Mountain “Full Nelson” (Va) Medium body with spicy hops
Flying Dog “Raging Bitch” (Md) Fairly sweet with a dry hoppy finish
Devils backbone “Eight Point IPA” (Va) Light body with bitter hops
Legend Brown Ale (Va) Slight malt with a smooth finish
Bells “two hearted IPA” (Mi)
Oskar Blues “Dale’s Pale Ale (Co) Medium body, Slightly sweet
Dogfish Head “60min” IPA (De) Pronounced Hops, Full Flavor
Leffe Blonde Ale (Belgium) Balanced ale with a sweet finish
Lagunitas Maximus (Ca) Double IPA, well balanced, bright hops
Steel Head Extra (Ca) blonde ale with sweet malts dry finish
Stone IPA (Ca) Initial sweetness leading to bold hops


Ace Pear Cider (Ca) Sweet Pear and Tart Apple
J.K. Scrumpy’s (22OZ) Organic Sweet apples with a tart finish
Crispen “Honey Crisp” (22oz) Organic Honey and Sweet Apples
Thistly Cross Original (22OZ)
Original Sin (Ny) Light Body, Medium sweetness, Dry/sour
Cider Snap Organic Ginger Cider from Va. Sweet crisp apple with fresh ginger notes